A Brief Summary of the Terraria Classes

The Classes

In Terraria, weapons can be grouped into four main categories and an additional sub-category.

It isn't required for a player to use only one category of weapon; however, it is useful if a player focuses on using one category since there are armor sets and accessories that buff specific categories. Each main category of weapon relates to a specific class the player can become by equipping armor and accessories.

The melee class focuses on weapons such as swords, spears, and yo-yos. The armor sets tied to the melee class generally give a high defense. Generally, the melee class is weak at a long range.

The ranger class focuses on weapons such as bows, repeaters, rocket launchers, and guns. The weapons typically need ammo; however, in hardmode, a player can craft the Endless Quiver and/or the Endless Musket Pouch to have an unlimited supply of ammo at all times for those types of weapons.

The magic/mage class has a low defense, but a wide variety of weapons to choose from. The weapons can have various effects, such as giving de-buffs or homing into enemies, but they require mana to be used. A player would have to craft or buy mana potions if they want to use high-mana costing weapons for a long period of time.

The summoner class uses minions to attack enemies; although this can be fairly problematic since minions are usually inaccurate if an enemy is fast moving. The armor sets for a summoner typically have a low defense. A player can combine weapons from other classes to achieve higher DPS rates than if they used minions alone.

The thrower class typically uses thrown weapons that are depleted as they are used. Some of the thrower class weapons have a chance of being picked back up. The thrower sub-class is only effective in pre-hardmode and early-hardmode.

Class Progression

In the beginning of the game, there are hardly any armor or accessories that benefit players sticking to a specific class. Therefore, a player could choose to use a mix of weapons at the time. As a player progresses through the game, it becomes easier to focus on specializing in one specific class since more accessories tend to buff a specific class. Also, mixed classes become less efficient as a player progresses.

What is your favorite class to play as in Terraria?