Simon Says!

The simple game of Simon Says remade using JavaScript.


Starry Animation

I tried to make an animation using JavaScipt coding, and I ended up making this. I used an art program to make an image, and then I animated over and under it. The animated stars and fireflies are randomize, refreshing the page will change their color and positions.

A short Terraria guide

I wamted to try to make a short Terraria Guide as a way of learning various elements of HTML and CSS coding. It's a bit out of date (because the game updated from 1.3 to 1.4.2), but it can be still a bit useful.

Interactive Story

This is a short interactive story made with JavaScript.


A collection of random things made by Tauruserpent. These include random websites/webpages I've made.

Smile Picture

This is a picture I made using only JavaScript and HTML code.

Colorful Jumping Spiders

This is one the first webpages I designed. It's an image gallery of colorful jumping spiders.